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Representation Matters.

If you're looking to create a presentation or any visual materials for use with trainees or colleagues, please consider ensuring that the images of healthcare professionals you choose to include paint a true picture of diversity within healthcare. 

Below, we've collated a series of sources of historical and contemporary paintings and photographs representing diverse  healthcare professionals in action.

Portraits of Healthcare Workers by Tim Okamura

Portraits of Women of Color on the Front Lines

Operating Theatre, by Malika Favre

Portraits for NHS Heroes

NHS Workers Captured on Canvas

Photograph, Getty Images

Frida Kahlo and her doctors

Clinicians tending to a patient at Provident Hospital

Nurse Midwife Maude Callen Delivers a Baby, Pineville, South Carolina, 1951, by W. Eugene Smith

W. Eugene Smith's Landmark Photo Essay, 'Nurse Midwife'

José Gregorio Hernández, Doctor of the Poor

Mentor, by Kari Visscher

La Partera or the Midwife, by Victoria de Almeida

Art in a Pandemic, a Digital Gallery

Doctora Mexicana (Retrato de Irma Mendoza), by Diego Rivera

Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte and Dr. Lillie Rosa Minoka-Hill, Drexel University

Graphic Medicine - Image of Physicians, by Molly Ferguson

Mural at Kingston University, by Alban Low

Mural at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, by Sam Weinberger

"I Look Like a Surgeon" series by Andrea Gahl


Additional sources may be found here:

Wellcome Collection

Meharry Medical College Archives


Images from the History of Medicine

Further reading:

Fitzsousa et al, "This Institution was Never Meant for Me"

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