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Our Collaborators

This project is the result of an interdisciplinary team of creators from medicine, art and design. Below is our growing list, and if you would like to join our team, please email, Kamna Balhara,

Project Leads, Content

Dr. Kamna Balhara

Project Lead

Nathan Irvin.jpeg

Dr. Nathan Irvin

Project Lead

Content reviewers & advisors

​Assistant Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency, Johns Hopkins

Emergency Physician with ApolloMD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine,
Wake Forest

Vice Chair of Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins

Anti-Racism Image Library Team Leaders and ShareTools Playlist Curators

Vice Chair for Education, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University 

Creative Director,  Watershed Collaborative

Assistant Professor,

Emergency Medicine,

Emory University School of Medicine

Co-Founder at EMRemix LLC

Design Strategy

Anushka Jajodia

Graphics & Iconography

Franki Abraham


Cameron Morgan

Facilitator, Implementation

Jess Sanders

Design Strategist, Research

Demi Canty

Design Strategist, Research

Sasha Avrutina

UI/UX Lead

Estela Duhart

Graphics, Branding

And special thanks to:

Dr. Gabe Kelen, Dr. Michael Ehmann, Dr. Stephannie Acha-Morfaw, Johns Hopkins Peer Recovery Coaches, Johns Hopkins Emergency Department Patient Family-Advisory Council, Members of the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Teaching College, Mr. Leonard Spain, the muralists and artists of Baltimore

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